New year 2021 or start straight concept.
Farmhouse of Gilbert Omelet

Spinach, bacon & tomato omelet

Farmhouse Gilbert Egg Tacos

Egg tacos w/ chorizo-too dang good

Farmhouse, Gilbert Az Blackberry Cob

Blackbery cobbler

Farmhouse, Gilbert Cinnamon roll

Farmhouse Famous Cinnamon roll w/ cream cheese frosting

Farmhouse, Gilbert Blueberry Muffins

Stratch Blueberry muffins

Farmhouse, Gilbert Cheese Burger

Cheese burger

Farmhouse Gilbert Biscuits & gravy

Biscuits & gravy-yum

Farmhouse of Gilbert Waffle

Waffles w/ fresh fruit

Farmhouse, Gilbert Chopped Chicke

Chopped chicken salad

Famhouse, Gilbert Meatloaf

Meat loaf & mash

Farmhouse, Gilbert Arizona biscuits

Biscuit ready for oven

Farmhouse Gilbert Cinnamon roll tray

Farmhouse Famous Cinnamon rolls fresh out of oven

Farmhouse Gilbert Arizona Veggie

Veggie omelet & more...

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We do not accept reservations


Seating is first come first served, please sign in on the wait list 

provided before entering


Due to our modest size we

seat only complete parties


***The Farmhouse Restaurant does not partner with online 

delivery services, their menus & pricing may differ from ours & timely delivery can not be guaranteed***